Anitha Gandhi

New York Metro

I moved to NYC just before my 18th birthday, spent 3 years in New Haven for grad school, several months in gloomy LA, and I've been a proud NYC resident ever since (Brooklyn, specifically). Raised by fairly traditional immigrant Indian parents, I made them very proud by not going into medicine, and instead, pursuing a career in acting. Beyond performance, I've always had a tremendous passion (i.e. obsession) for all things food. My love of eating, cooking, traveling and eating more naturally led me to wine. After helping my dad open a boutique wine and spirits store in Brooklyn several years ago, I'm ready to exercise a new muscle and am excited to be joining the team at David Bowler Wine. Aside from food (again, more eating) and wine, I fill my life with playing with my dog in The Rockaways, teaching myself how to knit and then giving away everything I make, bourbon, acquiring various nicknames, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, grudgingly practicing yoga before 6am, spending lots of money on food and falling asleep before 11pm - even on the weekends!