Carolyn Walther

Assistant French Portfolio Manager

At the age of eight, on a family vacation to Maine, Carolyn requested a sip of her mother’s Chardonnay. “This does not taste bad,” she mused. Thus began a hero journey.

Flash forward an undisclosed number of years, Carolyn happened upon an opportunity to work as a sales rep for wine distributor, Field Blend Selections, while looking to make a career change (she had been forcibly removed from her previous job). As a pedigreed hedonist and leisure connoisseur, she felt sure to succeed.

Narrator: She did not succeed.

The love affair with wine was immediate. Sadly, working in sales requires a palatable temperament and, after a year as the worst rep in New York City, Field Blend Selections traded Carolyn to Bowler for three bottles of Bacchus and a new stapler. Everyone was relieved to discover that her talent for ordering wine far exceeded her talent for selling it.

Working for Bowler has offered many valuable lessons: Carolyn has learned how to pronounce Gemischter Satz, discovered an incurable love for grower Champagne, and honed her natural gift for making people regret asking her questions. Off-duty, Carolyn enjoys changing religions, lecturing unsuspecting pedestrians about sunscreen, and trying to win the approval of her cat, Gus.