Diandra Fletcher

Logistics Manager

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica, I consider myself the ideal ‘Island Girl in the City’, after moving to Brooklyn, New York in August of 2012. I pursued a Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree in Marketing at the University of Technology, Jamaica with a Minor in International Business. Job hunting did prove to be very challenging in the intimidating Big Apple; at which point I decided to apply for internships instead, and got my first real job in NYC through a Marketing internship at an IPTV company. After a week there, I was offered a FT position as the Marketing and Communications Associate (kudos! to my ability to shine within a week I suppose), where I spent the next two years learning the ropes of the IPTV business until May 2015. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot but the time came for me to move on.

>>Fast Forward to almost a year later when I came across a David Bowler Wine job opening and it was truly one of the best decisions I’ve made when I decided to apply. I was offered the position and now here I am – part of the David Bowler family. My experience in the wine industry is close to nil, but I’m embracing this journey in learning about the intriguing and arguably sophisticated wine business. My interest has piqued even more through wine tastings, learning the pronunciations of our wines from the major European wine regions and increasing my Wine/Spirits knowledge while supporting our team; a team I plan to be a part of for a very long time to come.