Evan Spingarn

German Portfolio Manager
New York Metro Sales

My affair with wine began much like a Puccini opera: I was flat broke and tubercular in a cold-water garret in a crumbling New York tenement in the early nineties, scratching out a living as a temp in a textbook publishing office. I lived on a diet of Snack Ramen and dust bunnies. Then, a part-time job at a wine store led me into the light—and steady employment. In the course of time, I became manager and buyer for the store; spent time in Chicago proctoring blind tastings for BTI (Beverage Testing Institute); wrote articles for The Wine Enthusiast; taught innumerable wine classes in people’s living rooms; started my own company caled Evan Spingarn Wine Events Inc; helped ghost-write a winebook; and wrote two editions of my own book for Barnes & Noble called The Ultimate Wine Lover’s Guide. Working at David Bowler Wine is the glorious culmination of 25 years in the wine business—and counting.  Favorite Wine:  All things German.