John Rankin

New York Metro

After receiving a degree in philosophy at a tiny college in Ohio, I came to New York to try to find a good use for my fresh diploma. Unfortunately the power of the document didn’t translate into immediate fame and fortune, and I got back into the food and beverage trade that supported me through college. This would lead to a life-defining opportunity to work at the then relatively young Chambers Street Wines in lower Manhattan.

My wine education was certainly lacking, and my first gig at Chambers was in the stock room and not glamorous. There are some pictures lurking around of me delivering wine on a tricycle which had suspect brakes. The tradeoff was exposure to the exciting world of wine, and it wasn’t long until I fell for the authentic, delicious, and complex expressions from Beaujolais and the Loire Valley. It didn’t hurt that these were supremely affordable, especially with a generous employee discount.

I had stayed on for years and had the opportunity to work extensively in the Italian, American, and French sections as well as running the spirits program. This allowed for repeated visits to vineyards and distilleries and a reaffirmed love of the trade.

I am now incredibly excited to be pursuing distribution work with David Bowler Wines, a company that I have worked closely with for years. Outside of sales, I try to find time to write for a couple of wine and spirit websites, dodge traffic on my bike, visit the MoMA, and enjoy classic European movies.