Kevin Eidens

Hudson Valley
Social Media
New York State

I began my life in the wine industry when posed with a simple question after college.  ‘Well, now what?’  Like many young twenty-somethings, I had no clue what do for a living... and like many more young twenty-somethings, loved all things alcohol. 

This led me to begin working in a large retail store upstate, just north of Albany.  There my passion and thirst for knowledge began to coincide with my desire for ever increasing challenges.  After a few short years soaking up all that I could I decided to set out on my own and began running a small boutique wine shop in the west end of Albany, NY.

When it was time to try my hand at the next set of challenges within the industry I began my time as a sales representative with a small Spanish wine distributor.  My time there was rewarded with my current opportunity - a position with David Bowler Wine, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team.  The David Bowler portfolio is an embarrassment of riches for those of us who love wines that speak to a given place and truly represent their terroir. 

I wish to thank Craig, Ralph, Maureen, Jose and David for each opportunity they’ve given me as I continue my wine journey. 

I find it impossible to list a favorite wine and like to think of myself as an equal opportunity alcoholic!