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Born - New York Hospital September 4, 1954. Raised in suburban Bergen County, NJ. Moved to NYC for college and started a band 1972. Dropped out of college 1973. Moved to Greenwich Village 1974- Married in 1982 to New York Rocker publisher and photographer Guillemette Barbet. Made indy Super 8 movies-1981-1985. Started music production company 1985. Co-wrote and co-produced hit single (top 40 Billboard).  Second LP for A&M Records failed to chart or sell-1989 (dropped from label). Moved family to Riverdale in the Bronx 1990. Began working at Crossroads NYC wine shop- 1991, dusted shelves, sold 1990 Bordeaux futures. Joined Michael Skurnik Wines 1993, as Long Island rep. Went to work at Jeroboam Wines for Daniel Johnnes 1999-2003. Started David Bowler Wine in the fall of ‘03.

"Do what you love and love what you do",  goes the saying.  Well it's worked for me.  I have been in the wine biz for a few years now and I have not lost my love of wine.  Good wine, anyway.  In fact, my appreciation for wine has deepened over the years to the point where I am now just begining to trust my palate.  Keeping an open mind as you go along is the hardest part.  Although it hasn't been that hard.  As long as you let good winemakers and good importers guide you.

One of the great benefits of sticking around a given field for a few years as I have is the friendships that are built over time.  They are precious.  Not for business only (or even primarily), but for your sanity.  It's the friendships I've made in wine that make being part of this business such a pleasure. So let's raise our glass to good wine and good friends! They can get you through.