Châteauneuf-du-Pape "Julien Barrot"


Formerly called the "Signature" bottling.

From a mix of different terroir found in Châteauneuf; yellow and red sand, red clay, large pebbles, with a high proportion of sand. The average age of the vines is more than 70 years old. The final blend is: • 60% Grenache from a plot at the junction of "Palestor" and "Bois Dauphin" districts and one at the junction of "Grand Pierre", "Rayas" and "Pointu" districts as well as "Cabrières", "Boursan" and "Pied Long" blocks • 19% Mourvèdre from "Les Mascaronnes" and "Boursan" plots• 13% Syrah from "Le Parc" and "Cabrières" plots• 5% Cinsault from "Pierre à feu" plots• 1% Vacarrese• 2% Assorted Other varieties.

Rigorous bud pruning, as well as green harvesting and leaf thinning, keep yields low. The picking is entirely by hand, with sorting in the vineyard and again in the cellar. Underripe stalks are removed. Aged in tulip shaped concrete tanks, old oak casks, and 600 liter barrels for 20 months. The wine is bottled without filtration. 

“This vintage offers great intensity, crispy red fruits, licorice, and violets. It has a long and ample mouthfeel. Powerful and structured, this cuvee reveals perfectly the sandy soils of the Domaine. ” —Julien Barrot

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