Vermouth Bianco


All Vergano products are made by the same process in very small quantities in the Vergano lab in the city of Asti. A botanical extract (concia) is made by macerating carefully sourced herbs, flowers, fruits and spices in a neutral, beet-sugar-based spirit for 20 to 30 days in 30-liter, stainless-steel urns. It is then filtered and aged for a few months. Historically, all of the base wines are organic and sourced from Piemontese winegrower friends of the Verganos. The extract, sugar and bentonite are added to the base wine in a small steel tank. The product clarifies and integrates in 7 to 10 days and is filtered, fortified and bottled; batches range from 380-650 bottles. The law requires a 75% wine-base but Verganos come in at 77-80% and thus are lower-proof than others in their categories.

Vermouth Bianco (ABV 16%): The base wines are unsulfured, certified-organic Moscato from Vittorio Bera e Figli and unsulfured, certified-biodynamic Cortese from Cascina degli Ulivi. Some of the key botanicals are wormwood, chinotto (bitter oranges picked green), gentian flowers, thyme, oregano, marjoram, basil and lemon zest.

"...Mauro Vergano’s Bianco vermouth is quite sweet, yet it is unexpectedly herbal as well, with flavors of thyme, oregano and basil that call to mind sizzling skillets and the meal to come. It is high-toned and refreshing, with flavors that linger on and on in the mouth."
The New York Times

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