Vino Rosso "Elda" (Schiava)

Alto Adige

90% Schiava/10 "other". Known locally as Vernatsch, Schiava is a thin-skinned grape native to the Alto Adige but down to only about 200 hectares in the region. The Mayrs of Nusserhof have a 1.5-hectare plot of mainly 90-year-old Schiava vines a few kilometers from their home vineyard. The vineyard is on a very steep hillside and planted in pergola formation on red volcanic porphyry soils. The farming is certified-organic and all work including harvest strictly by hand. Yields are naturally low at 30hl/ha max. The bunches are destemmed and co-fermented with natural yeasts in stainless steel tanks. Maceration lasts 4-6 weeks. The wine is aged in 20-hectoliter French oak botti for about 20 months, bottled with a light filtration and aged up to 2 more years before release. "Elda" is named for proprietress Elda Mayr the variety. The local Santa Magdalena DOC permits astronomic yields of 150 hl/ha, so the Mayrs choose to classify the wine as a Vino Rosso (thus variety and vintage are not allowed on the label, where a tiny lot number indicates the vintage).

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