Producers from Tenerife

Ycoden Daute Isora, Tacorante Acentejo and Val de Orotava are the three DOs that make up the northwestern side of Tenerife. Their situation on this side of the island provides exposure to the sea and allows them to benefit from the Alisios or cool Atlantic trade winds that blow year round and keep the vineyards at a steady "Eternal Springtime" temperature. This allows for the fruit to achieve full phenolic maturation at relatively low alcohols. Tenerife is the only island with more than one DO (there are 5) due to the fact that MT.Tiede, the world's third largest volcano, sits right in the middle creating a diverse set of microclimates in a short distance. The vineyards here can reach an elevation of 3000 feet and are terraced into the steep hillsides. With the benefit of having near sea level altitudes and high elevations within only a few miles, many wineries are able to balance the attributes of good fruit tones from the lower elevations with fresh acidity from the higher elevations that result in wines with great complexity and longevity.