45th Parallel Distillery

  • Wisconsin, United States

45th Parallel is a small, family-owned craft distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin. When they opened their doors in 2007, they were one of 50 craft distilleries in the United States; there are now more than 1,000. They have seen consistent growth over the years, doubling in both physical size and production capacity, and have gone from making a single vodka to producing gins, whiskeys, aquavits, and citrus liqueurs as well. Their name comes from the fact that they are located on the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and the north pole.

They take no short cuts. They use only locally-grown grain, and distill their whiskeys in a pot still; afterwards, they use traditional aging techniques in Ozark white oak barrels with medium char, constructed from wood staves that are air dried three years. The whiskeys are aged a minimum of 4 years.

Image PRODUCT Description

Border Bourbon Grain
Truly “small batch” in every detail. Bottled at 94 proof.   

New Richmond Rye Grain
The mash bill is 65% rye, complemented by a mix of corn and barley; the grains are sourced from the nearby sixth-generation-family-owned... Read More