Ballyvolane House Spirits Co.

  • Cork, Ireland
Ballyvolane House Spirits Co.

This exciting new project sprung from a vision to craft a gin that holds its head high alongside some of the more established and celebrated small-batch inhabitants on the premium drinks shelf. Longtime friends Justin Green and Antony Jackson wanted to create something that was true to who they are and where they are from: the idyllic countryside of County Cork.

“Finding their unique angle” was actually the easy bit; they wanted to mirror the field-to-fork philosophy practised at Ballyvolane House.  Justin’s childhood home and former dairy farm, Ballyvolane literally translates from Gaelic as ‘the place of the leaping heifers’, a testament to the fertility and natural diversity of the land on which the estate lies. The much-lauded Ballyvolane House practices a field-to-fork philosophy when it comes to food, and naturally, they wanted to echo this by championing a grass-to-glass approach for their spirits.

Instead of the usual grains or potatoes, they use whey alcohol as the base spirit to make a truly unique gin. Milk from Irish dairy farmers is separated into curds and whey (think Little Miss Muffet); the curds go on to make cheese, and the whey, traditionally discarded as a waste product, is fermented and distilled into a spirit of exceptionally smooth texture.

We know what you’re thinking: what are they thinking??? but trust us: this is one fabulous gin that you have to taste for yourself.

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