Jean Cavé

  • Armagnac, France
Jean Cavé

Shortly after settling in Lannepax in the heart of Armagnac country with his wife and two sons in 1883, Jean Cavé opened the doors of his small distillery.  A grape-grower already, Cavé began a generations-long quest to perfect their growing, distilling, and aging methods over more than a century.

The team at Jean Cavé are still guided by Henry Cavé, the fourth generation of the family.  With Henry at the helm, the distillery benefits from generations of knowledge, as well as a shared sense of tradition and purpose. This has allowed them to retain continuity and an enduring sense of place. Today, with more than one hundred thirty vintages of their Armagnac produced, they have built up a stock of old bottles that few other houses can match and can offer a wide range of bottlings that will delight newcomers to this spirit, as well as delight serious collectors and aficionados. We are pleased to welcome Jean Cavé to our portfolio.

BOWLER E-Zine Issue 4 | January 2022: The Tradition of Jean Cavé Armagnac
Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Jean Cavé Trois Étoiles (VS)
"Three Star" is the traditional way of declaring "Very Special. or VS"  Most are minimum one year, Jean Cavé is minimum 18 months. Golden... France

Jean Cavé Armagnac VSOP
Minimun age 4 years.  Mahogany color with copper highlights. Fresh fruits, candied citrus, spice and vanilla on the nose; flavors of prunes... France

Jean Cavé Hors d’Age (XO)
XO by law needs t be minimum 10 years.  Jean Cavé is 12 to 15 years. Deep amber color with golden highlights. The nose is marked mainly by... France