KU Pisco

  • Ica, Peru
KU Pisco

Bodegas Viñas de Oro is located 133 miles south of Lima, Peru in the traditional district of El Carmen, Chincha in Ica. A father and son duo, Mr. Pedro and Mario Brescia have a background in agricultural engineering and a heart for adventure. The winery opened their doors in 1983 as part of the “Breca” Agricola unit, a Peruvian business by the Brescia Cafferata family which has been in business for over 100 years. The extensive property covers 800 hectares, 80 of which are dedicated to growing six types of Pisco grapes. Viñas de Oro values social and environmental responsibility in farming and production methods. Traditional distillation combined with modern production techniques ensures an exquisite Pisco collection of the highest quality.



Grape Harvest - Grapes Ripen February through April

Maceration - 12 Hours; This step only occurs for Italia and Torontel Grapes Stainless Steel Tanks

Wine Pressing - Utilize Italian Grape Press Concentrated Juice with No Hint of Astringency Discard Grape Skin and Seeds


Fermentation - Natural Yeast from the Grape 7 to 15 Days in Steel Tanks

Distillation - Alembic Still

Resting - 12 Months

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KU Pisco Quebranta Pisco
Bouquet of apple, green mango and dried fruit tones; Hints of toasted almonds and pecans; Fruit driven with an earthy profile; Touch of... Peru