Maguey Melate

  • Oaxaca, Mexico
Maguey Melate

The Spirit of Agave Brought to Life

A constantly rotating selection of small batch artisanal agave spirits.

At Maguey Melate they continiously scour Mexico for the finest small batch Agave Spirits from their home base  in Oaxaca. After visiting over 200 palenques in search of the best handmade, artisanal Agave Spirits, they are debuting their fan favorites in New York.

So what are Agave Distilates? They are a subset of the agave spirits industry which are not certified as Mezcal, Raicilla, or Tequila by the regional agave spirits authority. By offering these traditional spirits as agave distillates, we support the smallest independent producers who do not have the means or will for certification.

Their focus is to introduce the world to these mezcaleros through their  virtual experience that comes with each bottle. We let the mezcaleros tell their own story to give you all the information needed in order to truly appreciate what’s inside the bottle. 

When we first met Dalton Kreiss and Dave Lather we knew Melate was an exceptional fit for Bowler Spirits.  Education , sustainability and the nurturing of some of best mezcaleros from remote regions of Mexico.

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Please reach out to Rick Long, Spirits Portfolio Manager:, or your Bowler sales rep for availability of these special Limited Agave Distillates.

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Maguey Melate Semei Arroqueno
6/375ml Semei hails from Santa Maria Pila, Miahuatlan.The agave is aged 15yrs in the wild. After a 3 to 4 day roast the agaves are... Read More Mexico

Maguey Melate Rosario Tobaziche & Madre Cuixe
6/375ml From Santa Catarina Minas. Agaves are T- 18yrs wild and MC-14yr cultivated. After an 8 day roast agaves are crushed by... Read More Mexico

Maguey Melate Lidia Hernandez Jabali Tepextate
6/375ml From the village of Santtiago Matalan. After a 4 day roast agaves are crushed by Tahona. After a natural fermentation of 5... Read More Mexico

Maguey Melate Jose Mango Distillate
6/375ml From the Villa Hildalgo Yalalag. after a 4 day roast the mango is crushed with wooden mallets and naturally fermented in... Read More Mexico

Maguey Melate Antonio Carlos “Conejo” Martinez
6/375ml Antonio Carlos “Conejo” Martinez Santa Catarina Minas Agave: Largo (Karwinskii) Still Type: Clay Pot These large wild... Read More Mexico

DB2351-NV, DB1531-NV
Maguey Melate Luis Enrique Juarez Ramirez
6/375ml Luis Enrique Juarez Ramirez San Agustin Amatengo, Ejutla Agave Type: Ensamble, Espadín, Mexicano, Barril and Barril Chino... Read More Mexico

Maguey Melate Signature Box (Felix, Ageo, Isaac)
3/375ml Mexico