Mezcal Local

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

Mezcal Local is the idea that at a global level, we are all part of our own community. We all have our own rites, we are all locals in our own environment. The importance they give to the concept of sharing, made the company want to  create something more. Leonel Hernández (Don Gil), a third generation maestro mezcalero, produces his mezcal in San Pablo Villa de Mitla. San Pablo de Mitla is a town and municipality in Oaxaca and is famous for being the site of the Mitla archeological ruins. It is part of the Tiacolula District in the east of the Valles Centrales Region. Mezcal Local is a Pechuga de Maguey – it is distilled with agave hearts and fruit but no meat; Vegan Pechuga. Mezcal Local is made with 100% agave Espadin, harvested after 10 years. The agaves are cooked underground for 3 days, ground using an Egyptian mill, and then fermented in wooden vats for 10 days. During the distillation process agave hearts, as well as a combination of fruits (apple, peach, banana and orange), are added to the still. The heart of the agave acts as a natural purifier and the fruits add a wide range of distinctive flavor notes. This mezcal is distilled twice in copper. Mezcal de pechuga (pechuga translates to breast in Spanish), is made when a finished mezcal is redistilled with local fruits, grains, and nuts, and a raw chicken or turkey breast is hung over the still, cooking in the emanating vapors, supposedly adding to the spirit’s final flavor. These mezcals are usually made in small batches according to old family recipes and served during special occasions such as harvest, weddings, funerals and festivals. This mezcal only uses APPLE, PEACH, BANANA AND ORANGES. The CRM will not let the pechuga classification on the bottle.

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Mezcal Espadín
Pechuga de Maguey - Distilled twice in copper. A combination of fruits (apple, peach, banana and orange), are added to the still.