Produttori del Gavi

  • Gavi, Piedmont, Italy
Produttori del Gavi

Produttori del Gavi’s origins trace back to 1951 when 83 families banded together to combine their strengths into a cooperative.  The group is essentially made up of these same growers to this day, with just twelve more being admitted to the group since inception. The vineyards of member/growers are spread all over the Gavi DOC territory in 11 municipalities covering 200 hectares of land from Tassarolo to Bosio; such coverage allows the production of various “Cru” bottlings.

The soil through this zone is heterogeneous and varied and in this way the Cortese grape expresses many different characteristics. Visit Produttori’s growers and you’ll see plenty diversity, from stark white soils made of tuff and limestone due to the marine origins of the area, to tomato colored soils made of clay and rich in minerals due to the alluvial origins of some areas, especially around San Cristoforo.

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Produttori del Gavi Gavi "Il Forte"
100% Cortese. The grapes used in this classic example of Gavi grew in the shadow of “Il Forte,” the iconic fortress that towers over the...