Union Grove Distillery

  • Arkville, Catskill Mountains, New York, United States
Union Grove Distillery

Union Grove Distillery is a new “Farm Licensed” craft distillery located in Arkville, New York in the beautiful Catskill Mountains; the name comes from the lost town of Union Grove which once stood about 10 miles south of the distillery location and now lies beneath the cold waters of the Pepacton Reservoir. The Pepacton is one of many reservoirs in upstate New York that supply water to New York City.  

The City has spent billions on building reservoirs and underground aqueducts to send clean, fresh water  “untreated and unfiltered” to the millions of people in NYC, and Union Grove Distillery is fortunate to have at its disposal this same pristine water for their production. 

Brian Mulder is the owner, distiller, bottler, bartender, masher and fermenter, marketer, distributer, website designer, parking lot snow remover, window washes, et al... in other words, wearer of many, many hats.  He is very experienced, but new-comers to distilling and are hard at work melding high tech with old world at the distillery. Everything you see has been built by Brian, with a little help from some great friends. 


For the new collaboration between David Bowler and Brian Mulder and Todd Pascarella, Kaatskill Mountain Spirits Co., click here.

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Union Grove Distillery Vly Creek Vodka
Distilled from apples and wheat. The apples are sourced locally in New York and the first pressing for our vodka even took place at the... United States

Union Grove Distillery Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit
Distilled from Tree Juice Maple Syrup (sourced locally, of course) and finished in oak barrels. Seasonal and limited!   United States