Agricole Rhum Aged 3 Years

French West Indies

ABV 42% Like all the rums from the Montebello distillery, it is aged in oak barrels.The 3 year old rum is the only blend in the range. It contains 3 years old (70%), 8years old (20%) and 12 years old (10%), which makes an average of almost 5 years of age, but the legislation obliges to mention only the youngest age on the label. Tasting notes: The very aromatic nose of this rum is divided between a very sweet vanilla and a pastry-like fruitiness. The palate is much more ""agricultural"" than the nose suggests. The green andcandied cane sticks to the palate and hangs on with notes that are as planty as they are pastry-like, then combines with cooked and caramelised fruits such as apple and banana.

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