Chinato Americano


All four Vergano products are made by the same process in very small quantities in the Vergano lab in the heart of the city of Torino. A botanical extract (concia) is made by macerating carefully sourced herbs, flowers, fruits and spices in a neutral, beet-sugar-based spirit for 20 to 30 days in 30-liter, stainless-steel urns. It is then filtered and aged for a few months. Each base wine is sourced from Piemontese grower friends of Vergano. A given extract, sugar and bentonite are added to the appropriate wine in small steel tanks. The product clarifies and integrates in 7 to 10 days and is filtered, fortified and bottled; batches range from 380-650 bottles. The law requires a 75% wine-base but Verganos come in at 77-80% and thus are lower-proof than other vermouths & chinati.

Americano (ABV 16%): The base wine is Grignolino from several different growers including Cascina ‘Tavijn. Some of the key botanicals are wormwood, gentian flower & root, rhubarb, chinotto (bitter oranges picked green), sweet orange, galangal and vanilla.

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