Frappato IGT Terre Siciliane "Vino di Contrada" (BB-PT-FL)


100% Frappato. The three different wines in this limited-production 6-pack are all Frappato, vinified and aged identically to demonstrate the distinctions amongst the three different contrade or districts. There have been 3 vintages so far: 2016, 2017 and 2019. Contrada names are not permitted on Sicilian wine labels, so each name is represented by a two-letter abbrevation--"BB" for Bomboliere, "PT" for Pettineo and "FL" for Fossa di Lupo--with each being cheekily struck through with a line to emphasize their illicitness. The farming is certified-organic with biodynamic practices. Harvest is by hand. The bunches are mostly destemmed with the berries left whole. Fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts in 20-hectoliter concrete tanks with a maceration of  2-3 weeks and occasional punchdowns. The wines are aged in concrete for about 22 months and bottled without fining or filtration. Sulfur use is minimal. 

PT (Pettineo). A few miles away from Bombolieri and Fossa di Lupo, the 0.9-hectare 'Pettineo plot features the oldest Frappato vines (60+ years) in all of Vittoria. They grow on 70 cm of fine orange sand over tufa (a porous limestone) and are a mix of alberello and guyot training. This site is the first of the three to be harvested. Arianna finds a forward fruitiness and fine, smooth tannins in this wine.

FL (Fossa di Lupo). Just a few km. down the SP68 from the winery/estate vines in Bombelieri is Arianna's original 6-hectare vineyard and winery in Fossa di Lupo. These vines are relatively young at about 15 years, alberello-trained and planted on a thin 25 centimeters of brown sand over limestone rock. Arianna notes the earthiness and salinity of this wine. (Side note: this vineyard is also the source for the Nero d'Avola in "Siccagno").

BB (Bombolieri): This home parcel is adjacent to the winery and the last of the three to be harvested. It consists of a few rows of 25-year-old, bush-trained (aka alberello) vines on a scant 25 centimeters of sandy white topsoil over pure limestone rock with almost no clay. The limestone holds water, slows down ripening and contributes a firm acidity and structure. Arianna finds it to be the most austere of the trio.

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