IGT Colli Trevigiani Frizzante "Brichet"


95% Glera/5% Verdiso. Part of the Follador family's 7 hectares, Brichet (bree-KET) is a tiny (0.25-hectare) plot of old, steeply terraced vines on white, stony, scrappy, limestone soils that lies at high elevation and outside of the Valdobiaddene DOCG (hence the IGT Colli Trevigiani classification). The Folladors acquired the vines years before its first bottling in the 2008 vintage, waiting so long because of the years it took to fully convert this long-conventionally farmed vineyard to organics. The bunches are hand-harvested and pressed extremely gently as whole clusters. Fermentation is spontaneous and slow in the cold cellar, with indigenous yeasts only. Part way through fermentation, some of the still-sweet must is frozen. The wine finishes fermentation and is left in steel tank with its lees for the winter. In the spring, the wine is bottled with some of the frozen must, thus kicking off another fermentation, again to complete dryness. Since the bottles are not disgorged, the wine has a cloudy appearance and wonderful texture, like any true, old-fashioned col fondo Prosecco. The yield is extremely low in Brichet and the production thus quite small and rare.

Product Line: 
Sparkling White
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