Riesling Vom Blauen Schiefer


The blue slate entry in Clemens' "slate series," identified by its steel blue capsule. Usually released later than the grey and red slate wines, vinified in steel. A dry Riesling of length and strength. The blue slate (blauen schiefer) consistently lends firmness, incredible mineral tension, and a particularly haunting florality that drops strong men to their knees.

Alcohol: 11,5 % Vol
Residual sugar: 8,3 g/l
Acidity: 6,5 g/l

From the estate:  "“Vom blauen Schiefer“ translates to „on the blue slate”. The Riesling grapes for this wine grow in our single vineyard site called “Fahrlay”. It is the second wine from this site. Fahrlay is located next to the ferry landing place, within the premium site of Marienburg. It is the only vineyard where blue slate is the dominant soil. This type of slate is much harder than the grey or red slate. The vines have a tough time at first, until their roots have managed to find a way through the cracks of the slate. They dig deep to reach for the water reserves and can supply themselves through this with all the nutrients they need.

The grapes get handpicked at the end of October. They get pressed very gently and will then ferment spontaneously in old “Fuder” barrels. In the cool cellar, fermentation often lasts until summer. After around 10 to 11 months in the barrel the wines get bottled."

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