Vino Rosso "B Denominata" (Barbera)


100% Barbera. From estate parcels scattered about the steep hills of the Monferrato zone of Asti near the village of Scurzolengo. The average vine age for the Barbera is around 40 years. The Verruà family--Nadia and her mother Maria Teresa and her father Ottavio--farms them organically, tending and harvesting them entirely by hand. Fermentation is entirely spontaneous, with no addition of yeasts or sulfur and no temperature control, and tends to be lengthy in this cold cellar with no temperature control. Maceration is often as long as two months or more. Aging for the Barbera is around a year in concrete vat. It is bottled without fining or filtering and with a maximum of 2 grams of sulfur.

Label note: this wine has always featured Gianluca Cannizzo's playful depiction of Nadia as a bandit, but the letters and words on the label have changed over time, as the wine went on a rollercoaster ride from its sometimes-classification as a Barbera d'Asti to IGT Piemonte to Vino Rosso as of the 2018 vintage. The label reads "B" instead of "Bandita" and "Denominata" as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the declassification of the wine to Vino Rosso.  

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