Vouvray "Les Déronnières"


100% Chenin Blanc. "Deronnières" is one of Pinon's two (three if you count the new "Buvez du Bon Pinon" 2020) usual sec bottlings and is also a terroir-focused bottling, featuring the most limestone-forward of their parcels. The vines are on an exposed hilltop rich in tuffeau, the soft, chalky limestone particular to Vouvray and are the first to ripen of Pinon's vineyards. Overall vine age averages 45 years and the farming has been certified organic since 2007.  Deronnières is madde identically to its demi-sec, terroir-targeted counterparts, "Silex Noir" and "Trois Argiles". The bunches are harvested by hand, rigorously sorted and directly pressed. The juice flows by gravity into underground tanks for a spontaneous native-yeast fermentation that lasts 2-3 months and stops naturally in Pinon's cold cellar. The wine is aged on its fine lees for 4-5 months in a variety of old oak, ranging from 500-liter demi-muids to 20-hectoliter foudres.  

90 points
"The 2020 Les Déronnieres Sec is an intriguing style with an aromatic, fresh grapey character, even a lilt of Sauvignon Blanc with its boxwood flavor. This is less charming than the clay-based Sec style and slightly less concentrated, but its texture and sappy finish are excellent. A chalky veil offers an attractive, powdery character on the medium-long finish"
Rebecca Gibb,
Vinous Media
June 2022

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Chenin Blanc
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