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Mary TaylorDão Branco (Lucia Ferreira)
from Dão, Portugal
Quinta do Covão has belonged to the Gomes Ferreira family since the seventies. Located in Sandomil, Seia, near the Serra da Estrela mountain, Quinta do Covão has an ideal climate for growing grapes with high acidity and making wines that can be cellared. Lúcia Ferreira, sister to our Douro...
Mary TaylorDouro (Filipe Ferreira)
from Douro, Portugal
Quinta da Foz is located at the junction of the Douro River and its tributary, the Pinhão, in the Cima Corgo subregion. The Calém family acquired it in 1872, and today Filipe Ferreira is in charge of winemaking. A small, 20 hectare property, everything is hand harvested. All of the wines are foot...