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Maguey MelateAntonio Carlos “Conejo” Martinez
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Antonio Carlos “Conejo” Martinez Santa Catarina Minas Agave: Largo (Karwinskii) Still Type: Clay Pot These large wild karwinskiis are left to naturally ferment for 20 days before crushing, acquiring a blue yeast on the agave that ultimately mitigates foaming during the distillation process. Visit...

DB1538-NV, DB1539-NV
Maguey MelateGregorio “Don Goyo” Martinez Garcia
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Gregorio “Don Goyo” Martinez Garcia San Baltazar Guelavila Agave Type: Cuixe (Karwinskii) Agave Type: Tepextate (Marmorata) Still Type: Single Copper Still 12 fruit and nut trees surround the open air fermentations vats. When these trees are in bloom, the wind commonly carries pollen right into the...

DB1563-NV, DB1542-NV
Maguey MelateLuis Enrique Juarez Ramirez
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Luis Enrique Juarez Ramirez San Agustin Amatengo, Ejutla Agave Type: Ensamble, Espadín, Mexicano, Barril and Barril Chino Agave Type: Espadín (Angustifolia) Still Type: Refrescadera (This method of distilling essentially allows for 1.5 distillations during a single pass through the still.) The...

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Maguey MelateSemei Garcia Ramos
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Semei Garcia Ramos Santa Maria la Pila, Miahuatlan Agave Type: 2015 Arroqueno (Americana) Still Type: Copper Pot The 15 year old pifiasfrom this 2014 batch were unusually large weighing 400 kg rather than the 250-300 kg average. The agave hearts had such an intense sugar concentration that they...

Maguey MelateSignature Box (Felix, Ageo, Isaac)
from Oaxaca, Mexico