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Del Que Toma el CardinalEspadín
Espadín from Oaxaca, Mexico
100% Espadin (angustifolia haw); natural fermentation without chemical components in an oak wood tub, and roasted in the traditional ground oven lined with hot stones. Distillated twice in a copper still. 50% Alc. by Vol. Place of origin: Santo Domingo Albarradas, Oaxaca.Mezcalero : Don Fortunato...

Viejo IndecenteEspadín Mezcal
Espadín from Oaxaca, Mexico
100% agave— specifically, 100% Espadín, or agave angustofilia— naturally harvested in a single vintage after an eight-year growing term. The year and lot number can be found on the back label of each bottle. All grown on the Lucas family farm and distilled on-site. This is a single-village Mezcal (...