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Tue-Boeuf, Clos du“Vin Rosé” VDF 2020
Gamay from Loire, France
100% Gamay. The Puzelats source organically farmed fruit from friends in the Touraine as well as in the Beaujolais for their rosé. Whole-cluster direct press; spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts; malolactic fermentation; aged in tank; bottled without fining or filtering and with minimal...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duBrin de Chèvre Touraine Blanc
Menu Pineau from Loire, France
100% Menu Pineau. Brin de Chèvre ("goat's hay") comes from two neighboring parcels, one planted in 1937 and the other in 1950; currently, those original old vines make up about 70% of the wine, with the rest from massale-selection replantings from over the last decade or two. The vines are planted...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duFrileuse Cheverny Blanc
White Blend from Loire, France
1/3 each Sauvignon/Fié Gris/Chardonnay. Roughly translated as "little cold one", Frileuse is an apt name for this frost-prone, 3.8-hectare site at the top of the Tue-Boeuf estate. It is home to three varieties, including Fié Gris, the historical name for Sauvignon Rose, a Sauvignon variant with...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duLa Butte VDF
Gamay from Loire, France
100% Gamay. La Butte or "the hill" is an organically farmed, hand-harvested 1.7-hectare parcel of 85-year-old Gamay on flinty clay-limestone soils in the Touraine (Tue-Boeuf has been purchasing this fruit for many years from a neighbor who is also their source for the Petit Buisson Sauvignon). A...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duLa Caillère Cheverny Rouge
Pinot Noir from Loire, France
100% Pinot Noir. La Caillère is a 1.35-hectare estate plot of 35-to40-year-old Pinot Noir vines planted on very deep clay over limestone. The argilo-silex soils are sandy and rocky and in fact the parcel takes its name from caillasse, meaning "hard rocks". The Puzelats farm La Caillère organically...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duLa Guerrerie VDF
Côt from Loire, France
90% Côt/10% Gamay. La Guerrerie is an estate parcel named in reference to its history as a battlefield in the Hundred Years' War. It is a flat, clay-rich site co-planted with Côt, aka Malbec, and Gamay in the 1980's. The Puzelats farm it organically and harvest it by hand. As is typical of Tue-...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duPineau d'Aunis VDF
Pineau d'Aunis from Loire, France
100% Pineau d'Aunis. Pineau d'Aunis is an historical black grape of the Touraine--in the same family with Menu Pineau and its more sophisticated cousin Pineau de la Loire, aka Chenin Blanc--but is a rare bird even here in its native Loire. The Puzelats source tiny quantities of it, mainly from...
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Tue-Boeuf, Clos duPineau de la Loire VDF
Chenin Blanc from Loire, France
100% Chenin Blanc. Pineau de la Loire is the local historical name for Chenin Blanc, which is in this case is sourced from AOC Touraine friends who farm their vines organically. Tue Boeuf harvests the fruit by hand, presses it in whole clusters and ferments it with natural yeasts in large wood...
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Tue-Boeuf, Clos duRomorantin VDF
Romorantin from Loire, France
100% Romorantin. This is the rarest of Tue-Boeuf whites due to scarce quantity. Organically farmed, hand-harvest estate fruit. As is typical of Tue Boeuf whites, it is whole-cluster-pressed and allowed to ferment spontaneously with native yeasts and without sulfur in large oak tanks. The wine ages...
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Tue-Boeuf, Clos duTutti Frutti Rosé VDF
Gamay from Loire, France
Pineau d'Aunis/Menu Pineau/Pineau de la Loire (Chenin Blanc)/other. Tutti Frutti is a whimsically named field blend rosé from a small (under a hectare) parcel of centenarian vines of rare native Loire varieties in the Cher Valley of the Touraine (about 30 km. from Tue-Boeuf). The Puzelats...
Tue-Boeuf, Clos duVin Blanc VDF
Sauvignon Blanc from Loire, France
100% Sauvignon Blanc. The Vin Blanc is the starting point for Tue-Boeuf's whites. The fruit is sourced from farmer friends in the Cher Valley (the Puzelat home turf in the Touraine); the vines average about 20 years old and are organically farmed, on clay soils with varying degrees of sand, gravel...