Alta Gradazione

  • Lazio, Italy
Alta Gradazione

Alta Gradazione was born out of the passion of four young guys for drinking quality liqueurs and a desire to create and experiment new tastes.

The project was started in Rome, Giacomo was the first to take the big step, he quit his job in a famous big consulting company and threw himself headlong into the new project: in 2017 Alta Gradazione, the “artisan liquor production company”, was born.

The result, after many recipes refinements and tastings, is fantastic handcrafted liquors, characterized by high quality natural and local raw materials, processed according to family recipes that have been handed down and perfected from generation to generation. The production is entirely artisanal and made in small batches in order to give the right attention to every step and with different techniques for maximizing the natural flavors of the ingredients.

The products perfectly suit for mixology purposes, they can be an edgy alternative to the usual aperitif or can be enjoyed neat at the end of a meal.

To rediscover the Italian culture of liqueur-making, with a modern, innovative touch  re-proposing Italy’s classics. Using High quality natural and, wherever possible, local raw materials, processed according to family recipes that have been handed down and refined from generation to generation.

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Alta Gradazione Amario
Bitter liqueur, with a sharp, dry, and woody character. More than twenty selected roots and herbs. Rhubarb and gentian stand out, together... Italy

Alta Gradazione 13 Erbe
In this bottle you will find spices and herbs from the Mediterranean scrub and Southeast Asia: lemongrass, rosemary, sage, laurel, mint,... Italy

Alta Gradazione Limoncello
For our version of the most popular Italian liqueur we use just the yellow part of the lemon zest, organically grown and processed within a... Italy

Alta Gradazione Zafferano
The precious taste of saffron meets the freshness of lemon and gives a unique and unmistakable taste. The liqueur is made only with top... Italy

Alta Gradazione Timo
Thyme is a wild aromatic herb with a strong taste and, among wild plants, it has its own characteristic fragrance. Lavender flowers... Italy

Alta Gradazione Pepe
Our most unusual product. A selection of berries from the best plantations in the world to perfectly balance the spicy taste with the more... Italy