Can Descregut

  • Corpinnat, Catalonia, Penedès, Spain

Similar to the steadily increasing influence of smaller, grower Champagne producers over the past 20 years, the best producers in Catalunya’s Penedès region have been leading by example to distinguish themselves from the largest cava houses and further differentiate each other from the D.O. and brand of Cava. In 2015, The Association of Wine Producers and Growers Corpinnat was formed as a collective to essentially walk away from this blanket term. After trying to make a positive influence within the D.O. this group of growers realized that so many were indifferent to environmental practices and the reputation of being lower priced sparkling so they decided to drop the name entirely.
Today, there are 11 Corpinnat producers who have all agreed on a set of rules in an attempt to elevate these Spanish Sparkling wines. In order to be labeled as a Corpinnat, grapes must be made from at least 90% indigenous varietals (Xare.lo, Macabeo, Malvasia & Parellada) 100% organic, and harvested by hand. The wines must be made within the Corpinnat territory within the DOP Penedes and entirely vinified on their winery premises. In the cellar, wines must be aged for a minimum of 18 months (for NV & 36 months for vintage).

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Can Descregut Corpinnat
55% Xarel.lo, 35% Macabeu and 10% Parellada