Château de la Pierre

  • Régnié, Beaujolais, France
Château de la Pierre

The Château de la Pierre, owned by the Barbet family, is a ten hectare estate with vineyards in Brouilly and Régnié. This property has been certified organic since the 2013 vintage. The Régnié comes from Tour Bourdon, a very special plot of old vines. This vineyard is noteworthy for its soil- sandy and laced with purple granite, with excellent drainage- as well as the age of its vines (60-70 years old) which natrually keeps yields low. The age of the vines also means small grapes, which in turn means a higher juice-to-skin ratio, giving a more concentrated and structured wine. The site has a southern exposure.

Xavier Barbet used to work with Jules Chauvet, who is considered the 'father' of natural winemaking in France. They did experiments together in the 1950's. After all of these years of experience, Barbet decided to bottle the Pierre Régnié as a 'vin nature', without any added sulfites during winemaking or before bottling. 


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Château de la Pierre Régnié Sans Soufre
Since whole clusters are used during fermentation, the grapes are harvested late to avoid unripe stems. Whole-clusters are put into the...