Clos Saron

  • Sierra Foothills, California, United States
  • “Subtly, it’s the miniature likes of Clos Saron that are increasingly, if quietly, reshaping America’s vision of fine wine. Tasting Clos Saron’s singular—and singularly fine—wines and talking with Mr. Beinstock reminded me yet again why smaller is better.”

    —Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator

Way up in the northern reaches of the Sierra Foothills, Gideon Beinstock and his wife, Saron Rice, produce small batches of wines that are unlike anything else coming out of California. Using traditional techniques and strict organic methods both in the vineyard and the cellar, they make tiny amounts of Pinot Noir from their two and one-fifth acre home vineyard as well as a variety of unique blends from five and a half acres of nearby leased vineyards that they farm as well.

The vineyards are densely planted, about 2,500 vines per acre, and are dry farmed wherever possible; yields range from as low as one ton per acre and maxing out around two. Because their area is free of phylloxera, their vines are all “own-rooted” and some are over thirty-five years old.

Their vineyards are harvested in repeated passes through the vines (typically from three to eight times), picking only clusters as they begin to soften, to determine perfect ripeness. The grapes are foot-stomped in open-top bins allowing the vineyards' indigenous yeasts to conduct the fermentation. For the blends, the grape varieties are all co-fermented as Gideon believes the results are better integrated. The wines are then aged on lees in five- to twenty-five-year-old French oak barrels for as long as he feels is needed before being bottled, unfined and unfiltered, with minimal use of sulfites. Production is often around one hundred cases or less per wine.

Over the past thirty-five years, Gideon has been involved in almost every aspect of the wine industry: sales, writing, purchasing, educating, and a sixteen-year-ong stint as winemaker for Renaissance. It is at Clos Saron, though, where he has tapped into something rare: wines that are challenging, surprising, and yet instantly gratifying. They happily defy description and convention without forgetting that, at its core, a wine should be a pleasure to drink.

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"Kind of Blue" Sierra Foothills
Fifty-two percent old-vine Carignan, forty percent Syrah, five percent Cabernet Sauvignon, three percent Semillon. Crushed by foot and... Read More

Carte Blanche
White Blend
Lodi Albariño/Verdelho (farmed by Markus Bockish) plus five percent Sauvignon Blanc from Renaissance.  Crushed by foot and made on the... Read More

Clone of Pinot Noir "Home Vineyard"
Pinot Noir
From Gideon and Saron's two and a half-acre vineyard, planted on a gentle, well-drained, north-east facing slope at 1500-1600 feet altitude... Read More

Rosé "Tickled Pink"
A serious, outstanding rosé that is built to age. With bracing acidity and striking complexity, there isn’t another rosé out there like... Read More

Rosé "Tickled Pink"
65% Merlot, 35% Viognier. 100% foot-stomped whole cluster. 12% Alc. Total sulfites added: 35ppm at bottling. 86 cases produced.

Syrah "Stone Soup"
At about 2000 feet altitude, this vineyard is located about one mile up the hill from Gideon and Saron's home, on their friends John and... Read More