Deep Down

  • Marlborough, New Zealand
Deep Down

Deep Down is a refreshing new look at Marlborough. All certified organic, these are honest wines forged with intuition and heart.

Deep Down was founded by Clive Dougall, who was Winemaker at Seresin Estate for 12 years, and Peter Lorimer.  They met at an opportune time as they were both looking to start a new project to celebrate distinct and delicious wines within an ethical and transparent business model. Clive and Peter bonded over wines from the old world and you’ll understand why when you explore their work.

The pair decided to celebrate Marlborough’s diverse landscapes and work with families on the following farms: The Wrekin, Tua Marina & Ashmore. “We feel blessed to be working with people who share our philosophies and farm in tune with nature,” says Clive. ‘’After 14 years of being involved in organics and biodynamics you realise that to make exceptional wine we have give back to our vines and soils. Wines of integrity come from great land, and that takes plenty of work, plenty of compost and plenty of biodiversity.”

The team's focus is to deliver distinct yet classic wines full of personality; detail, restraint and balance are hallmarks. Clive’s extended experience with the region and hands-off winemaking ensure they protect the expression of the fruit, rather than obscuring it with additions. Deep Down’s wines are all fermented naturally by the vineyard yeasts that live on the grapes, which promotes the true character of the vineyard, while delivering increased depth, complexity and texture to the wines. The Sauvignon Blanc receives only minimal sulphur at bottling, and the Pinot Noir is 100% grape juice, with no additions whatsoever.

The meaning of Deep Down is trusting your gut and intuition and following the path you truly believe in.


BOWLER E-Zine Issue ​3 | ​July 2021: Deep Dive into Deep Down and Steadfast Views of Organics in New Zealand
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Deep Down Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
The goal here is to ‘turn the volume down’ and offer a delicious, honest and balanced expression. A very rare creation from Marlborough...
New Zealand