Divina Clementia

  • Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain

In 2011, Raul Suarez took over his family vineyards that date back four generations. Located in the Ribeiras do Miño subzone of Ribeira Sacra, Raul only has one hectare of vines and makes one wine. He farms organically, without the use of herbicides, yielding very small production. Pedro Pérez from Adegas Guimaro allows him to rent a small corner of his winery to ferment and age the wines. The end result is a high-quality wine that captures the essence of terroir. The name, Divina Clementia is a play on the primary grape, Mencia combined with Clementia, the Roman goddess of forgiveness and benevolence.

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Divina Clementia Ribeira Sacra
65-80-year-old Mencia vines planted on granite and sand soil, located on south-facing slopes along the banks of the Mino River (320m...