La Providence

  • Provence, France
Domaine La Providence

Thanks to Louis/Dressner for this profile of brand-new import Domaine La Providence:

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We must thank Julien Pineau for introducing us to Jean Benoit's work.

Before settling in Provence, Jean Benoit Comor led many prior lives which include studying law, being high up in the Carrefour grocery chain bureaucracy and running a cave cooperative in the South of France. At the age of 40, he decided to start fresh and purchase an estate just outside of Aix-en-Provence. The sale of the 18 hectares that now form Domaine la Providence took place in 2017 and Comor instantly went beyond organic conversion, hiring famed biodynamic consultants Lydia and Claude Bourguignon. In addition to the conversion (the estate is now certified organic), JB quickly starting ripping out vines to replant three hectares of indigenous Provençal grapes, majoritarily for white wine production.

Jean Benoit inherited a contract with the local cave cooperative for the entirety of his production, one he's honored through the 2020 vintage save for a tiny amount of a red cuvée called "La Providence" and some rosé. The long term goal is to progressively become 100% independent and to reduce the surface to 16 hectares. While honoring his contract, JB has been busy building a cellar and purchasing concrets eggs, anforas and stainless steel tanks to increase and improve his vinifications. While only one wine is currently produced in any consequent volume, Comor anticipates producing 5x as much of it in 2021 and will also be working on other yet to be determined cuvées.

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La Providence VDF Rouge "La Providence"
80% Carignan/20% Cinsault. 2020 is the début vintage of the first and only wine thus far from brand-new Domaine La Providence. In far-west...