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TementMorillon (Chardonnay) Sudsteiermark "Muschelkalk"
Chardonnay from Styria, Austria
Known as Chardonnay in all other wine regions, only in Styria this wine is known as "Morillon".  South Styrian vineyards, predominantly grown on coralline limestone soil (ie Muschelkalk). After natural fermentation, 18 months of aging sur lie in big, neutral oak casks. Bottled unfiltered. Bright...
92 JSOrganic
TementMorillon (Chardonnay) Sudsteiermark Zieregg Grosse Lage
Chardonnay from Styria, Austria
The part of single-vineyard Zieregg where the Morillon is planted changes from limestone to marl, which has more heat storage capacity and is ideal for a full-bodied wine. Cool winds also favor the aromatic expression of the grape. After natural fermentation, 20 months of aging on lees in big,...
94 WAOrganic