Our Portfolio

IuliVino Bianco "Barat" (Baratuciat)
Baratuciat from Piedmont, Italy
Barat is the latest addition to Iuli's range.  It is made with 100% Baratuciat, a nearly-extinct variety originally from the Val di Susa, west of Torino.  In the area's dialect, the name means "the cat's testicles," in reference to its oval-shaped berries.  The vines for Barat were planted in 2015...
IuliVino Rosso "La Rina" (Slarina)
Slarina from Piedmont, Italy
La Rina is 100% Slarina, another indigenous Piedmontese variety that had nearly disappeared.  Fabrizio is a believer in this grape and he planted nearly a hectare and half of it in 2013.  With such a large surface area (for Slarina), he jokes, "I am the most important producer of Slarina in the...
IuliVino Rosso "Malidea" (Nebbiolo)
Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy
Malidea is 100% Nebbiolo.  It's also the name of the hill between the cantina and where the Nebbiolo vines were planted, in 1999.   "Mal' idea" in Italian means "bad idea," an apt name for a Nebbiolo wine in the land of Barbera, but a challenge Fabrizio wanted to take. The south-facing vineyard was...
IuliVino Rosso "Natalin" (Grignolino)
Grignolino from Piedmont, Italy
Natalin is made with 100% Grignolino.   Natalin was also Fabrizio's grandfather's nickname and Grignolino was the wine he loved the most.  This wine comes from a few different vineyards, planted in 1970, 1990, and 2016 with east, west, and north expsoures.  Fermentation in concrete vats with 12...
IuliVino Rosso "Nino" (Pinot Noir)
Pinot Noir from Piedmont, Italy
Nino is 100% Pinot Noir.  Fabrizio, a lover of Burgundy, planted one hectare of Pinot in 1999, with a northern exposure at 380m above sea level.  "Nino" is local dialect for "bambino," as he feels this wine is like a kid: delicate, fun, with a lot of clean, youthful fruit.  Vinified in stainless...
IuliVino Rosso "Rossore" (Barbera)
Barbera from Piedmont, Italy
Rossore, 100% Barbera, was Fabrizio's first wine. The name refers to the red flush on one's cheeks after drinking it.  It comes from different south-facing parcels planted between 1985 and 1990, harvest at the end of September or beginning of October. Vinification is in concrete with 21-28 days of...
IuliVino Rosso "Umberta" (Barbera)
Barbera from Piedmont, Italy
Umberta is 100% Barbera and the so-called "entry-level" wine at Iuli.  Coming from south-facing vineyards planted between 1940 and 1999, it is typically harvested the first week of October.  Vinified in concrete with 20 days of maceration.  Aged in concrete for 10-11 months, with an additional...