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Villard, FrançoisCondrieu “Terrasses du Palat”
Viognier from Rhône, France
100% Viognier from Chavanay and Vérin, with decomposed granite and quartz terroir. Twenty-five-year-old vines. Low temperature fermentation in barrels with native yeasts. Aged eleven months in twenty-five percent new and seventy-five percent used oak barrels.
Villard, FrançoisCôte-Rôtie "Le Gallet Blanc"
from Rhône, France
100% Syrah from Ampuis and Saint-Cyr, with an “emphasis on the schist areas from the Brune up towards Verenay” (Livingstone-Learmonth, Wines of the Northern Rhône). Eighty-eight percent whole cluster, macerated for twelve days in stainless steel and wood vats. Aged eighteen months in twenty percent...
94VM, 93WA, 93WSSustainable
Villard, FrançoisCrozes-Hermitage Rouge “Certitude”
Syrah from Rhône, France
From three sites on the Plateau de Chassis in the village of Mercurol. In the shadow of Hermitage, the land opens up here and there are many fruit orchards alongside the vineyards. Away from the famous steep slopes, the terroir is a mix of sandy clay and round river stones (galets roules). 100%...
Villard, FrançoisMarsanne/Roussanne “Contours de Mairlant” VdF
While blend (mostly Marsanne) from Rhône, France
Eighty-five percent Marsanne and fifteen percent Roussanne in granite soils from two villages within the Condrieu appellation, Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf and Chavanay. Fermented and aged in three- to five-year-old barrels for eleven months on lees, without racking.
91 WS Sustainable
Villard, FrançoisSaint Joseph Blanc "Mairlant"
from Rhône, France
An even split of Marsanne and Rousanne, from 20 year old vines from St Pierre de Boeuf & Limony villages. Aged 11 months on lees without racking.
Villard, FrançoisSaint Peray “Version”
While blend (mostly Marsanne) from Rhône, France
Eighty percent Marsanne and twenty percent Roussanne in decomposed granite and clay soil with south east exposure. Average twenty-year-old vines. Fermented and aged for eleven months in three- to five-year-old barrels, without racking. 
Villard, FrançoisSaint-Joseph Rouge “Poivre et Sol”
Syrah from Rhône, France
A blend from several steep parcels with east and south east exposure (Ardoix, Chavanay, Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf). From 20 year-old vines planted in decomposed granite and quartz soil. Fermentation with eighty percent whole clusters in open-top wood and stainless steel tanks. Aged fifteen months in...
91-92 VMSustainable
Villard, FrançoisSyrah "L'Appel des Sereines" VdF
Syrah from Rhône, France
A young vine Syrah from several villages Chavanay, Ardoix, Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône, and Verin, all with a decomposed granite soil. Twelve day maceration with twenty-five percent whole clusters in open-top wood tronconique vats followed by eleven months of aging, half in the vat and half in neutral...
Villard, FrançoisViognier “Contours de Deponcins”
Viognier from Rhône, France
A young-vine Viognier from two villages known for Condrieu, Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône and Verin. The soil is sandy granite and mica. Fermented and aged in used barrels for eleven months without racking. 
90 WSSustainable