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Garage WineBagual Garnacha Field Blend (Lot #69)
Garnacha from Maule, Chile
One of the eleven wines they make from single parcels, Lot 59 is a blend of seven barrels of Garnacha and one barrel of Syrah from the Bagual vineyard in Caliboro in the Maule Valley. The soil in this parcel in the vineyard is alluvial with excellent drainage. The vineyard is farmed by hand and...
Clos des FousCauquenina
Red blend from Maule, Chile
33% Carignan, 22% Pais, 12% Portugais Bleu, 12% Petite Sirah, 10% Syrah, 6% Malbec  and 5% Cinsault. Sourced from 4.5 acres of vines planted in 1985 at an altitude of 490 feet in granite soils. Farmed lutte raisonée. Aged in concrete and stainless steel on the lees for 12 months; bottled lightly...
LuytGorda Blanca
Muscat of Alexandria from Maule, Chile
Moscatel de Alexandria/Torontel/Corinto (Chasselas)/Cristalina (Semillon). Luyt sources the fruit from the village of Guarilihue in the Bío Bío region, from a single vineyard of 250-year-old, ungrafted, dry-farmed vines in granitic red clay soils, farmed without chemicals and entirely by hand. The...
Clos des FousGrillos Cantores Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon from Maule, Chile
Cabernet Sauvignon from Grillos Cantores, a 25-acre vineyard planted in 1993 on alluvial soils at an altutude of 1380 feet. Farmed lutte raisonée. After a 10-day cold soak, the wine was made in a combination of concrete and stainless steel; and aged 18 months on the lees. Bottled lightly filtered.
LuytHuasa de Pilen Alto País
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
100% Pais. Huasa de Pilen Alto has much in common with Luyt’s pipeño wines, being made from very old País bush vines tended by two huasos, or farmers, in the Maule region of Chile. But it comes from a very special single vineyard called PIlen Alto, vividly described by importer Jules Dressner after...
Rafael TiradoLaberinto Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir from Maule, Chile
This hand harvested, single vineyard, 100% estate Pinot Noir is from vines that Rafael Tirado planted himself in 1998. The wine shows crushed red fruit of raspberry and strawberry with hints of eucalyptus. Undertones of wet forest floor and baking spices of clove and cinnamon come through on the...
Rafael TiradoLaberinto Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc from Maule, Chile
Arguably one of Chile’s best values; made all in stainless, and bottled fresh after spending a mere 3 months on the lees. Bright and floral aromatics give way to a palate that is lean, and mineral, sharp and citrusy.  
Gonzalez BastiasNaranjo
Blend from Maule, Chile
A blend of Moscatel, Torrontel and País. The Moscatel and the Torrontel ferment on the skins with a maceration that lasts 60 days; 20% of País juice is then added with skins of their other white wine.    
Garage WinePaís
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
The name of this wine— 2015 BC— refers to the number of years that País was being made into wine beforte anyone in Chile had even heard of Cabernet Sauvignon. (There was a bodega making Pais in Portezuelo in 1548.) The name came to them during a talk in London  at the Imbibe Live Seminar: “Chile...
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
100% Paìs. The fruit for this first commercial vintage of Pisador comes from a 4-hectare clos in the southern part of the Coronel del Maule region near the village of Cauquenes, farmed by the same family for generations. The microclimate is warm and the soils deep and granitic. The vineyard is...
Gonzalez BastiasPaís Matorral
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
100% estate País from a 200-year-old single vineyard in the Maule region; pressed by hand in bamboo ‘sieves’ or zarandas. Fermented in open-top cement vats and aged in old wood large barrels.    
Gonzalez BastiasPaís Tinaja
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
The fruit comes from a bi-centenary vineyard, and the wine is made the same way as the Matorral— pressed by hand in bamboo ‘sieves’ or zarandas, then fermented in open-top cement vats— but is aged in tinaja, or amphora.      
LuytPipeño Blanco Carrizal
Moscatel from Maule, Chile
Farmer: Ernesto Soto.  Mainly Torontel + Corinta (Chasselas) + Cristalina (Semillon) + Muscat d’Alexandria from organic, dry-farmed bush vines ranging from 100 to 200 old on deep, sandy, clay soils rich in decomposed granite on a flatter parcel in the Carrizal sub-zone of the Maule region. The...
LuytPipeño País Carrìzal
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
Farmer: Ernesto Soto. 100% Pais from organic, dry-farmed bush vines of 250 years on deep, sandy, clay soils rich in decomposed granite, on a flatter parcel in the Carrizal sub-zone of the Maule region. Soto is the only one of Louis Antoine’s growers who focuses full-time on tending his vines. The...
LuytPipeño País Coronel de Maule
País (Mission) from Maule, Chile
Farmer: Raúl Pérez. 100% Pais from organic, dry-farmed bush vines 200 to 300 years old on iron-rich heavy clay soils with granite and quartz in the Coronel del Maule sub-zone of the Maule region. The bunches are harvested by hand and manually destemmed using a traditional zaranda; fermented...
Garage WineVigno
Carignan from Maule, Chile
Vigno is an “appellation” that MOVI members created several years ago to classify traditionally-made, naturally-farmed Carignan-based field blends. The fruit for this wine—primarily 70-year-old Carignan, with Garnacha and Mataró—comes from Truquilemu, a site in what most consider to be the “...
94 WA Organic
Rafael TiradoVistalago Red Blend
Red blend from Maule, Chile
A delicious blend of 60% Merlot, 35% Cab Franc and 5% of Syrah. The grapes are sourced from a granite-rich part of the vineyard and the elegant tannins here are evidence of it. Made in concrete with an year élèvage in French oak.