Ross & Bee Maloof

Ross Maloof got his start in winemaking through the Philadelphia restaurant scene, while he was working at such wine destinations as Vedge and A. Kitchen. In the midst of managing a booming, natural-focused wine program he connected with Brianne Day and soon found himself working harvest at Day Camp (a co-op started by Brianne). He returned the following year with his then-fiancée, Brittany Selman (Bee), and stayed even longer this time. They went back to Philly, but Oregon had left its mark on them, and in 2017 they relocated to Oregon permanently.

Today, Maloof Wines is proudly produced at the base of the Dundee Hills inside of Day Camp. They do not own any vineyards, but are dedicated to making wines full of energy, with the number one goal of truly capturing a place and time in each bottle. They work closely with their farmers to achieve this goal, and consider them to be the true inspiration of their work. They make fun and funky cuvées of all colors, but they focus on producing single-vineyard wines of often-overlooked or misunderstood white varieties.


Image PRODUCT Producer Description Country / Region Region Materials

"L'eau Epicée" Sparkling Wine
Maloof White Blend
SOLD OUT. 65% Riesling and 35% Gewurztraminer from own-rooted, dry-farmed, LIVE certified vines in transition to organic, grown in... Read More
United States Washington

Riesling "Nemarniki Vineyard"
Maloof Riesling
SOLD OUT. From the dry-farmed, LIVE certified Nemarniki Vineyard in Chehalem Mountains; loess soils situated at 850ft altitude.... Read More
United States Oregon

White Blend "Where ya PJs at?"
Maloof Pinot Gris
SOLD OUT. Beckenridge Vineyard (Willamette Valley AVA) - Own rooted, dry-farmed vines, planted in 1976. 80% Skin contact Pinot... Read More
United States Oregon