Sky Vineyards

  • Napa, California, United States
Sky Vineyards

Since 1973, Sky Vineyards has been producing some of the most unique mountain Zinfandels and Syrahs to be found anywhere. Owner Lore Olds got his start in wine in 1971 working for such producers as Beaulieu and Mayacamas Vineyards before purchasing his own patch of land on top of Mount Veeder. Planted in red volcanic soil at 2100 feet, Sky is the highest vineyard on the mountain and produces wines of unmistakable character.

Originally planted with 14 acres of Zinfandel, Lore has since added a small amount of Syrah. The vineyards are dry farmed and naturally tended using organic fertilizers, cover crops, birds, and beneficial insects. The winery itself runs on a single solar panel powering a single light bulb. In the cellar things are just as stripped down; grapes are pressed with an old wooden basket press, punched down by hand, aged in old French oak, and bottled by hand. Even the label is designed by Lore Olds with a new one for each wine and vintage. 

Now approaching Sky’s thirtieth year, there is no danger of Lore changing his tune. He still makes incredible wines that reflect the vintage and terroir and are capable of aging for a decade or more. These wines simply could not have come from anywhere else and there’s no point in comparing them to any others; they can only be described as Sky.

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Sky Vineyards Syrah Mount Veeder Napa Valley
From 2.5 acres planted at 2100 feet in volcanic soils way up on Mount Veeder, Sky produces tiny amounts of this unique Syrah. Hand-...
United States

Sky Vineyards Zinfandel Mount Veeder Napa Valley
Planted at 2100 feet in volcanic soils way up on Mount Veeder, Sky makes a Zinfandel like no other. Spicy, wild, and balanced, it has...
United States