Capón Espadin


Noble Coyote Capon Espadín is the masterpiece of Maestro Mezcalero Eleazar Brena and is sustainably produced in the village of San Luis Amatlán. Produced using meticulously selected mother maguey that are mature and flowering as indicated by the growth of a “quiote” or flowering stalk.A large amount of energy is required to grow the quiote. At the optimal time, the quiote is cut and the maguey is said to be “capado” or “castrated.” As a result, the sugar that would have been used to grow the flower is concentrated instead in the piña.The concentrated sugars give the Capón Espadín a sweeter and more complex flavor than a typical Espadín and impart hints of floral and fruit notes.

The agaves are ground using a stone mill and are cooked in traditional floor ovens. Distilled by Don Marcos Brena with assistance from his son Eleazar, using techniques passed down to them by generations of mezcaleros, the cooked agaves are then fermented in traditional open air vats made with sabino wood. The mezcal is distilled twice using copper alembic stills.

Fresh, green and citrus flavors, with complex floral and fruit notes to complement these flavors. Floral, perfume and spice aromas jump out of the glass.Wood and dried tangerine peel dominate the palate, followed by delicate lemongrass and robust anise, into a seemingly endless peppery finish.

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