Mezcal Noble Coyote is one of the few mezcal brands to be able to offer Jabalí mezcal in the United States.

Made by maestro mezcalero José Peréz Santiago in the world capital of mezcal itself: the village of Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca. José is the grandson of Don Tacho, a legend in the mezcal world. José, together with his many cousins, grew up in the agave fields where he has learned the art of harvesting agave and producing mezcal. Few mezcaleros know the secret of Jabalí distillation, but this secret has been passed down to José by his grandfather and father.

Jabalí is considered by many to be the most exotic of all mezcals.Although Jabalí agave is a relatively abundant wild agave, it is very difficult to work with.As a result, there are only a few maestro mezcaleros who know the secret of how to select the right Jabalí and more importantly the tricky process of creating this mezcal. Because of its abundance and the low demand for this agave, Jabalí mezcal can be produced in a sustainable manner.

The agaves are ground using a mallet and are cooked in traditional floor ovens. Distilled by Don Marcos Brena with assistance from his son Eleazar, using techniques passed down to them by generations of mezcaleros, the cooked agaves are then fermented in traditional open air vats made with sabino wood. The mezcal is distilled three times using copper alembic stills.

Exotic, with mineral and rocky flavor notes. Lemongrass, dried anise, eucalyptus, bacon fat, and herbal aromas. Palate follows with slate, dried mint leaf, oriental spices, high mineral notes and an ultra-smooth elegant finish.

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