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Benito SantosGodello, Monterrei
Godello from Galicia, Spain
From the DO of Monterrei comes this fresh, bright lemony expression of Godello. The vineyards are over twenty-seven years old and granite/slate. Grapes are harvested by hand. Élèvage takes place in tank on the lees for three months.
Benito SantosMencía, Monterrei
from Galicia, Spain
From vineyards situated in the DO of Monterrei comes this light, fruity and aromatic wine. The fruit comes from twenty-seven-plus-year-old vines growing on granite/slate soils. The grapes are hand-harvested. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel and malolactic fermentation is...
Benito SantosMencía, Ribera Sacra
Mencia from Galicia, Spain
100% Mencía, harvested by hand in early morning; the weight of each box does not exceed fifteen kilograms. The fruit is destemmed and gently pressed; skin maceration lasts eight days, after which the must-wine is run off to another tank for alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Left to settle over...
Benito SantosPago de Xoan Albariño
Albariño from Galicia, Spain
Viñedo de Xoan is the original Benito Santos vineyard, planted in 1930-1932. It’s half a hectare in size, and located right next to the bodega, in Vilanova de Arousa. The vineyard is 500 meters from the Atlantic Ocean, and there’s always a particularly briny character to this wine. The vines are...
Benito SantosSaiar Albariño
Albariño from Galicia, Spain
From a vineyard in Salnés; vinified in tank with minimal sulfur. The wine spends a few months on the lees before bottling.