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Aged Reserve Rum Nikte Ron Cihuatán Nikté is a limited edition rum crafted as an homage to teh mystique of Kay Kikté, the Mayan festival of flowers. The Maya once... Read More

Amèr Rum liqueur This liqueur breaks from traditional rum liqueurs, both in style and alcohol content.  Bottled ~42%, our Amer features complex notes both... Read More

Barrel Aged Reserve Rum We currently have many full barrels of rum aging in our New Orleans warehouse and have begun releasing single barrel expressions which all... Read More

Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit Distilled from Tree Juice Maple Syrup -- so technically considered a rum...(sourced locally, of course) and finished in oak barrels.... Read More

Cinabrio Rum Crafted as a homage to Kinich Ahau, Mayan god of the sun. Legend has it that the Sleeping woman, guardian goddess of the Cihuatan valley,... Read More

Indigo Rum Crafted as a homage to Tlaloc, Mayan god of rain. Legend has it that the Sleeping Women, guardian goddess of the Cihuatan valley, would... Read More

Navy Strength Rum A limited release product bottled at traditional Navy strength, O.P. # 1 offers a big bouquet with wafting notes of dried fig, cranberry,... Read More

Quackenbush Still House Albany Amber Rum The aged expression of the Original Albany Rum, picking up its distinctive color as well as rich spice and vanilla notes from a long rest... Read More

Quackenbush Still House Original Rum This rum pays homage to Albany’s first distillery, which was established in the mid-18th century and stood just a short distance from where... Read More

Traditional Rum Made using traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes; aged for over a year in both bourbon and neutral oak barrels to... Read More

Traditional Rum Our flagship white rum is robust with notes of pineapple and bruised banana as well as a backbone of cinnamon and mint.  It creates a... Read More