Issue 4 | January 2022

Issue 4 Features:

Emilio Zierock of Foradori, Christoph Hoch, Will Bucklin and Marco Crotti of Podere Giardino

Jean Cavé Armagnac

Tiago Teles and Antonio Marques-da Cruz of COZs

HVE with Haut-Dambert, Domaine la Monardière and Domaine Pélaquié

Adriano Zago of Mastrilli Consulting

Materne & Schmitt and Madame Flöck

Issue 3 | July 2021

Issue 3 Features:

Distilleria Castelli

Domaine Amélie and Charles Sparr

Gregory Barbet of Domaine de la Pirolette

Dr. G

Clive Dougall and Peter Lorimer of Deep Down


Issue 2 | Q1 2021

Issue 2 | Q1 2021

Issue 2 Features:

Yamile Abad of Jan Matthias Klein

Fanny Fougerat

Frédéric Leydet of Château Valois

Steven Plant of Plant Wines

Dani Rozman of Onda Brava and La Onda

Jutta Ambrositsch

Charles Lachaux of Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux

Jarkko Peränen and Josephin Kramer of Candialle

Sandra Bravo of Sierra de Toloño

Stefano Amerighi

Issue 1 | Q4 2020

Issue 1 | Q4 2020

Issue 1 Features:

Gabriel Pacheco and Viejo Indecente

Chiara Condello


Materne & Schmitt

Jan Matthias Klein

Lily Peachin of Dandelion Wine

Germán Blanco of Casa AuroraMilú and La Bicicleta Voladora

Christoph Hoch

Claude de Nicolay of Chandon de Briailles