Our Portfolio

Primitivo QuilesVermouth
from Alicante, Spain
The base wine is macerated with fennel, sage, clove, and others to which alcohol and caramel (for color) are added. The alcohol is naturally fifteen percent; 1000 liters produced.

Priorat NaturVermut
Macabeo from Priorat, Spain
For this Vermouth different herbs, like fennel, rosemary, cumin, cinnamon and vanilla. are macerated for over a year in oak barrels.To this herbal essence, white wine made from Macabeo, Pedro Ximénez and White Garnacha is added, along with a small amount of sugar to give it the desired sweetness. ...
ViñátigoVijariego Blanco
Vijariego Blanco from Canary Islands, Spain
100% Vijariego Blanco, a grape variety unique to the Canary Islands. But what does that mean? What does it taste like? The best description we can think of is that it's similar to Chablis: high in acid, salty, and well-structured.  Only 2,676 bottles made from a one-half hectare of vines, making...
MonjeVijariego Negro
_none from Canary Islands, Spain
100% Vijariego Negro, which some say is the same grape as Sumoll and others contest is unique to the Canary Islands. Regardless, it tastes unique and distinctly volcanic when planted in Tenerife's soil.  Fermented in stainless and then goes through malo in 2nd year 300L French oak, where it ages...