Danielle Barbaro

Customer Service

Danielle was the kid in the back of class who doodled in the margins of her notebooks. A Jill-of-all-trades, she dabbled in many mediums while attending Pratt Institute for Art and Design Education. Danielle has taught publicly, privately and all that's in between. She is a printmaker, watercolorist, embroidery artist, and overall maker. She encourages all that she meets to doodle in the margins of their notebooks and beyond. Danielle does commissions, private lessons, gifts, and can dole out a random fact or two if you ask.

Between making, selling and teaching Art, Danielle also really likes wine. So when she came across the opportunity to work for a wine company she jumped at it. She's excited to take her love of wine to the next level and having others love wine as much as she does.